Muscle Growth Workouts – Best Hard Gainer Chest Exercises

Published: 08th September 2009
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The chest is the number one body part for muscle growth workouts. For men, the chest symbolizes their manhood. The bigger and stronger the chest, the tougher you are. It doesn't matter if they're buff, ripped, or a skinny guy because they all want that big strong chest..

The grandfather of all chest exercises is the bench press. There's no other exercise that represents the total sum of a guy's manhood than the bench press. This exercise builds the most mass and strength in the chest. It's also the roughest chest exercise on your body due to the stress it puts on your shoulders. The best way to perform the bench press, in a muscle growth workout, is to lay flat on a bench with an Olympic bar. You also want clamps on the end to keep the plates from sliding and causing the bar to tilt in either direction. When performing the bench press, keep your feet flat on the ground; keep your butt and upper back flat on the bench. When you bring the bar down make sure you don't touch your chest unless your elbows are 90 degrees. Too often guys touch their chest and their elbows are way past 90 degrees. This is what causes serious shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries.

Another good chest exercise is pushups and they can be done anywhere using your own body weight. Put your hands at least shoulder width apart and feet together on your toes. Make sure you don't arch your back and you come almost all the way to the ground when doing them. Pushups also are more emulating of everyday life than most exercises.

For the skinny guy hard gainers the chest is the first and best place to start when doing muscle growth workouts.

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